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Need a little pick me up for your face or body? We have highly experienced aestheticians and massage practitioners ready to melt away your tension and brighten and clean your skin, to have you looking awesome so you can literally put your best face forward!

Traditional European Facial : While it is our basic facial, this is a unique treatment for the US. With this facial you get a DEEP cleaning, extractions, and ultra hydration while allowing your face to look gorgeous as you leave the spa. No crazy red marks and uneven skin like you get with most facials that cost twice as much!    $85

Anti-aging Facial : Treat your skin to an ultra hydrating facial that helps reduce pore size, uneven skin tone and gently takes away fine lines and wrinkles. Using fruit, hyaleuronic and/or glycolic acids, we provide you with deep exfoliation to expose new skin, and then we bath that new skin with deep hydration to plump your face and catalyze production of collagen. You will leave looking fresh faced and fancy free!    $100

Acne Treatment Facial : When your skin isn’t at its best, theres only so much you can do on your own. Our aesthetician has years of experience to transform your skin from an uneven war zone of sebum to a peaceful land of clear gorgeous skin. From calcium deposits to ingrained blackheads, you will leave a bit lighter with our acne facial. We use deep exfoliation and cleaning with extractions to clean out your pores, and then we make sure your skin is soothed with natural ingredients to keep you hydrated and happy!    $100+

Vitamin C Facial Peel :  Dry, flaky, dull skin is a thing of the past with this natural and highly effective peel. Using natural fruit acids, and fructose crystals, slough off the wear and tear of harsh weather, too much sun, those sweaty workouts, and natural aging!    $150 /  facial add-on  $50

Microdermabrasion with JetPeel : Get deep exfoliation without the harsh crystals! This one of the deepest and most gentle microdermabrasion treatments available today. By using a hypo allergenic “power-wash” of medical grade sodium chloride (think really clean salt water) and pure vitmains to hydrate, it will leave your wonderfully, vibrant, and refreshed! A great way to deal with acne, fine lines, and pigmentation.  $150+ /  facial add on $50+

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