PhotoFacial Rejuvenation

At Anume Med Spa, we use the latest technology, such as the Sciton Full Platform laser system, which offer higher speed and increased accuracy for enhanced results. With computerized protocols, broad band light to focused narrow wave laser beams, this system allows us to offer our patients a full spectrum of noninvasive treatment options.

We offer services such as IPL/BBL which target skin discoloration such as freckles or age spots. Its a quick and easy treatment that requires no down time.

When trying to understand the procedure and how it works, you can think it like this – there is a broad spectrum of wavelengths which could be understood as “colors” in IPL and BBL light. It is widely known that certain wavelengths have different effects on various materials. For Esthetic purposes, these wavelengths target and effect specific elements in the body and skin. Some target water, some effect melanin or skin color, some effect collagen under the skin, some effect water and some even effect bacteria. By filtering the light to suit our needs we can treat a wide variety of symptoms and create specific results.

And remember, this is a very safe procedure, done by board certified doctors, not RNs or esthetic technicians.

Here is a list of conditions that can resolved :

  • Fine Wrinkles
  • Age Spots
  • Small facial veins
  • Roasacea
  • Redness and Flushing
  • Solar Lentigines (Freckles)
  • Cafe Au Lait Maculae
  • Birth Marks
  • Port Wine Stains
  • Hemangiomas (Red Spots)
  • Englarged Pores
  • Poikiloderma
  • Burn Erythema
  • Hyperpigmentation

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