Laser Hair Removal

Using the advanced high speed Profile ClearScan laser by Sciton, our doctors can effectively reduce or remove unwanted hair in three to five easy sessions. Treatment times vary by the amount of area to be treated. A special system is used in conjunction with the laser to remove heat from the skin and make the treatment comfortable and safe. Sensation varies based on the individual, however topical anesthetics can be provided.
The great thing about this system is that any skin type can be treated! Types I though VI. Type I is very fair, always burns, never tans (usually blonde hair blue eyes) and Type VI never burns (dark skin, dark hair, dark eyes)

We even have doctors who specialize in Ethnic hair and skin types!

From unwanted facial hair to full body hair removal, this is a permanent solution to your unwanted excess hair.You won’t be disappointed!

Laser Hair Removal Gallery